Kesse PLLC

Beyond Compliance: Precision in the Public Eye

Navigating the complexities of the public markets and staying in compliance with SEC and stock exchange requirements require a legal partner with a keen understanding of the regulatory intricacies and nuances, a deep appreciation of the fact that accurate and transparent reporting is the bedrock of a thriving public company, and the foresight to anticipate industry trends. We provide comprehensive advisory services to public companies, offering a roadmap for compliance, governance, and strategic decision-making.
We routinely assist U.S. domestic companies and Foreign Private Issuers with all of their SEC reporting and compliance (including Form 10-Ks, Form 10-Qs, Form 8-Ks, Form 20-Fs, Form 40-Fs, Form 6-Ks, Information Statements, Proxy Statements, and Information Circulars) and stock exchange initial and additional listing and on-going listing requirements and compliance (including Nasdaq, NYSE and NYSE American, as well as the OTC Markets).

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a publicly traded entity and stand ready to guide you through the complexities of SEC filings, financial disclosures, and compliance matters. Whether you are a newly listed company seeking to establish a solid foundation, or a seasoned public entity navigating disclosure requirements, we are your strategic partner. At Kesse PLLC, we don't just help you meet reporting requirements; we elevate your reporting practices, ensuring that your disclosures align seamlessly with your corporate narrative and strategic goals. We collaborate closely with your leadership team to provide proactive counsel that aligns with your business goals, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and fostering a culture of transparency. With our guidance, your public company reporting becomes a strategic tool for building investor confidence and maintaining regulatory credibility. We have successfully guided numerous public companies through the complexities of regulatory compliance and strategic decision-making.

Call us and discover the confidence that comes with having a trusted legal partner dedicated to maximizing the value of your public enterprise.